Monday, December 5, 2011

Dealing a mistake - how to use appropriate words and sentences in business world

The podcast I chose is the podcast 744, it’s the podcast talking about how to deal with a mistake in a business situation. There are many useful vocabularies and short sentences for people to use when they facing a mistake in business sector.

Commercial sector and business world is one of the most popular topics that people always talks about. In business organization, learning how to use suitable and appropriate word or sentence is quite crucial for people who are working in business world, also quite important for student who wants to work in the section, because the word and sentence that should be used must be very professional and directly.

The podcast I choose is about dealing a mistake. When you facing a mistake and someone got angry on that, what you should do is use the appropriate word to clarify the whole thing: what kind of mistake you made, the words, for example, “wires got crossed” means that there is a misunderstanding or miscommunication on the problem, they are not communicated properly. And what’s more, you should show a positive attitude that you will try you best to find out a solution to solve it, and you will deal with it as soon as possible. For instance, “get to the bottom of” means you will investigate, and find out the real reason of the problem. And other words, such as “purchase order”, “figure it out”, “screw up”, “productivity” and “debacle”. Teaching these words to students can greatly help student to know more about how to use appropriate and correct word in real business world.

Monday, November 21, 2011

In2Books ---- Epals

I have heard ePals before, but I have no idea about what is it. I never thought it was a global community where learners connect. What the most excited is this website is totally free! As the website introduced, the ePals Global Community™ is the world's largest network of K-12 classrooms, enabling students and teachers to safely connect and collaborate with classrooms in more than 200 countries and territories. Offered at no cost to classrooms, educators can access the community to find collaborative projects, join discussions in the community forums, and search thousands of classroom profiles to engage with others in authentic exchanges - all within in a safe, protected online environment. Isn’t it amazing? Now let’s exploring it!
First, watch a short presentation about EPals as communication Tool.

In this way, the ePals platform is a suite of logically, highly-interlaced communication and collaborative products and services that create focused interaction on specific issues with learners across the country or around the world: the ePalsLearningSpace; SchoolMail; the ePalsGlobalCommunity, and In2Books. The platform drives home founder Nina Zolt’s impassioned thesis that with proper design, social media and networking can, and will, play a profoundly transformative role in effective, authentic, and naturalistic globally based education. (cited from ePals: Effective Social Networking for Education )
As for me, I like to use In2Books in my future teaching. It brings the Common Core Standards to life with a safe motivating online curriculum that matches students with adult eMentors. Students get authentic experience purposefully reading books with eMentors and sharing ideas about important issues via online letters.

The reason I like In2Books are as follows.
1. Real learning, real dialogue, and real collaboration. In2Books, ePals' curriculum-based e-mentoring program for students in grades 3 through 5, matches students with adult pen pals, who read the same books, and exchange teacher-monitored, online letters about questions and issues raised by the text. The program provides standards-based professional development and professional learning communities and is facilitated by three resource-filled websites - one for students, another for pen pals, and a third for teachers.
2. The categories of the on-line books are fiction, biographies, social studies, traditional tales and science. The teacher chooses the topics, but children pick up their interested books, then teacher revises them. This can take ownership of children’s learning.
3. The book on-line is not like the paper book. It’s more colored and vivid. Children can see the outline and author’s information directly and can do the puzzles and interesting quits. It can arouse students interesting, but not just read.
4. In the Interbook writing center, penpals will find the great tools. It can provoke questions, key vocabulary and checklist and example letter. It'll help them to better comprehense the book and improve their writing skills.
5. The information is free and open to share between teachers and penpals. It's like both teacher and students are learned in this website.
In brief, it's a really open shared teahing platform with plenty resources, tools and information.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Animoto---A Potential Teaching Tool

What's Animoto? It's website for you to create stunning video slideshows.
How to use it? Turn your photos and music into stunning video slideshows. You provide the photos, you pick the song, and Animoto will add the magic.

 Make your own slideshow with music at Animoto.

I used to use similar tools for creating my electronics photo album. But this one is more easier and convenient. There are three advantages. First, the speed of Animoto is quick. Second, we can directly choose the music instead of uploading the one, and the website already offers enough choose. Third, it can be shared, download and posted.
When I first use it, I just think it saves me lots of  time and I get fun from making it. Meanwhile, I find it's a potential teaching tool. Nowadays, students learn English, especially in China, because they have to, but not for their on sake. What we must do is to change this embarrassed situation. How to stir the students' interesting become the primary task.
As for me, I'll let the students to use this tools in two ways in my future teaching.
On the one hand, we all know that nowadays students like to post their photos on the web to the public. I'll change the way they usually do, instead, let them to create Animoto with brief introduction and text in English. Meanwhile, leaving commands to other classmates. It's not a required work,but just let them to form a habit of noting everyday life in English.
On the other hand, I'll combined it with blog. Blog should not just be words and pictures. We should make more vivid and attractive. Everyone likes travel, no matter outside or on the Internet. Students should create their own travel Animoto and write diaries every week.
Don't wait, just give it a try — it's fast, free and shockingly easy.